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Steve Coaston owner

Steve Coaston-Owner

The Digital Dog Marketing Agency is a leading digital marketing agency in Cincinnati. And over the time we have been in Cincinnati, we have helped different people, businesses, and brands to scale their ventures on the internet. We have helped develop strategies, implemented these strategies, and gave support to our customers throughout our partnership. The good thing is that we don’t just do SEO. We help with all other digital marketing services that a business or brand might require. In short, we offer all digital marketing services that companies and individuals need to scale their ventures on the internet.

our expert team

When you partner with The Digital Dog Marketing Agency, you will be working with experts who understand what they are doing. We have helped different businesses and brands put their best foot forward. We have you covered in digital marketing strategies, web development, internet marketing, and advanced SEO strategies.
One thing you will love about our team is the fact that we are specialists in digital marketing. So any work you need to do will be performed by a specialist in whatever area you desire. We are the experts who have helped other brands in Cincinnati, and we can help you too.

Our Approach

We believe in the simplicity of our services. This is why we have designed a quick and straightforward procedure to follow when you think of partnering with us. And when you reach out to us, we will follow the simple steps below. 


We start by listening to your needs and concerns when it comes to digital marketing for your business. Every business is unique. And this is why we have to connect with you before we can offer any services. First, we need to hear from you. You understand your business better than we do. So, we need first to get your perspective before we can attempt doing any task. You can call or reach out to us. Feel free to consult with us about anything when it comes to digital marketing. And even when we partner to take your business to the next level, our focus will remain on you.

Analyze and Plan

After we have talked to you about your business, the next thing will be to dig deeper. We have digital marketing researchers and strategists to help with that. And these are the experts who will analyze your business and plan what the next steps will be.

Create and Measure

With all the research and strategy development done, the last thing would be to create the roadmap that will guide us to reach your goals. Then, our experts will follow it immediately and measure their performance. Thus, making sure we stay on the right path.

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